January 28
All the wonderful things
in life are so simple that one
is not aware of their wonder
until they are beyond touch.
Frances Gunther


Today's Meditation:

Simplicity--what a wonderful word and what a great goal.  Over and over again in my life, I can depend upon the simple things to be truly great--the apple pie, the smile of a friend, the time at the lakeside, the simple dinner and not the complicated one.  I've found that whenever I go for the complicated, be it a meal or a vacation or a plan, many other things in my life get complicated, also, my stress level goes up, and the end result is never satisfying.  When I stay focused on the simple, I can be truly aware of just how wonderful the simple things are.

Who wants us to be complicated?  Usually people who want to sell us something.  Psychologists and psychiatrists make tons of money because of our tendency to try to work through complicated problems and relationships rather than letting them go and finding more simple ones to deal with.  Scientists and engineers and architects tend to agree that the best solution is almost always going to be the simplest one, and that solution is going to be wonderful.

Why, then, do we allow so many wonderful and simple things slip out of our grasps?  Why do we see simple as somehow "less worthy," and ignore it because we think that more complicated would be better?  Why do we spend $40,000 on cars that have all sorts of bells and whistles when a $20,000 car will get us where we're going just as well, and have fewer things that can go wrong?  And just what could we do with that extra money? 

Rainy days, sunny days, snowy days, vanilla ice cream, good books, friends who don't make complicated demands, the smell of coffee brewing on a quiet Saturday morning, a cold glass of milk, jeans and a t-shirt--there are so many simple things that we lost sight of as being wonderful in our quest to complicate our lives that it's quite a shame.  The Spanish have a wonderful saying:  "No me compliques la vida," which means, "Don't complicate my life."  They know that the simple always will be good, if we just see it and appreciate it for what it is.

Questions to consider:

Who teaches us that complicated is better?  If no one actually teaches us that, how do we learn it?

What are some simple things in your life right now that also are beautiful? 

What kinds of complicated things or situations can you do without in your life right now?  How can you shed those things successfully? 

For further thought:

Do you know the more I look into life, the more things it seems to me I can successfully lack--and continue to grow happier.  How many kinds of food I do not need, or cooks to cook them, how much curious clothing or tailors to make it, how many books I have never read, and pictures that are not worthwhile!  The farther I run, the more I feel like casting aside all such impediments--lest I fail to arrive at the far goal of my endeavor.

David Grayson


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