June 18
We know nothing about
tomorrow; our business is
to be good and happy today.

Sydney Smith


Today's Meditation:

I have plans for tomorrow, and I think I know what I'll be doing.  From what I know about life, though, those plans may change--something may happen that will make all my plans come undone.  It used to be that I would worry about that, especially if my plans were really positive.  I would spend quite a bit of time feeling tense and nervous in fear that my plans would be spoiled.  And sometimes my plans actually didn't come through as planned, but I can never recall a time when that actually spelled disaster for me or for anyone else.  Things always worked out.

Because of such experiences, I realize that there's no need to worry about tomorrow, today.  At this moment, there's work to do, or there are people to talk to, or there's food to eat, or there's someone to keep company, or there's a walk to take, or there's an e-mail to write or something fun to do or somebody who needs help with something.  Today calls me to do today's tasks, not to spend time being concerned with tomorrow. 

"Good and happy."  These are two words that complement each other very well, and if we can focus on accomplishing these two things on a day-to-day basis, then we can start to build a good and happy life.  We can start to live our lives during this new day, striving to be both good and happy, and then tomorrow we can start all over again with a brand-new today. 

We like to think we know something about tomorrow, simply because we've made some plans.  But the truth is that tomorrow may hold its own plans for us, so let's not lose focus on this day in our lives, for this is the only day--of all the days in the history and future of the world--in which we can act.  So let's do so, and let's let our actions be good, and let's cherish the happiness that comes of leading good lives on a beautiful planet that's filled with wonderful people.

Questions to consider:

Why is it so tempting to spend much of our time thinking about what's going to be happening in the future?

How can we keep our focus on today and on our actions on this day?

What does it mean to you to "be good and happy today"? 

For further thought:
Sufficient it is to know that the way we lived our yesterday
has determined for us our today.  And, again, when the
morning with its fresh beginning comes, all tomorrows should
be tomorrows, with which we have nothing to do.  Sufficient
to know that the way we live our today determines our tomorrow.

Ralph Waldo Trine

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