June 27

Life does not have
to be perfect
to be wonderful.

Annette Funicello


Today's Meditation:

Sometimes I get caught up in thinking that "I wish things were the way I wish they were."  In other words, I have an idea in my mind of just how things should be in order for life to be perfect, and I think that if the world were that way--perfect for me--then I would be happy and I would enjoy all the world has to offer.  It's rather silly of me, but it's something I do. 

What I really want to get good at is having faith that the way things are right now is the best possible way for them to be if I'm to grow as a person and a spirit.  For if I can have that faith, then I will be much more adept at seeing the wonderful things all around me as wonderful things, instead of looking at them and wishing they were somehow different.  Because what Annette says is true even when reworded:  Life is wonderful even if things aren't "perfect."

In my life I've dealt with death and sickness and debt and betrayal and all sorts of other things, but life never has ceased to be wonderful.  What's been lacking has been my ability to see and appreciate just how wonderful life is.  I've been too focused on the negative things, or I've been wishing so hard for things to be different, that I've just missed the beauty and the wonder.

What a shame that has been.

So I remind myself now, whenever I start thinking that life isn't so wonderful, to keep my perspective.  I remind myself that it's up to me to see and hear and feel the wonder--life's always doing its job of showing it to me.  Waiting for things to be perfect is a fool's errand, and a great way to let life pass you by--you'll miss the beauty and wonder because you're waiting for the beauty and wonder.

Questions to consider:

How easy is it to get caught up in wishing things were different than they are?  What do we miss when we do?

From where do we get our desires for a "perfect" life, based on our vision of what perfect would be?

What kinds of wonderful things are in your life right now?

For further thought:

Life, like any other exciting story, is bound to have
painful and scary parts, boring and depressing
parts, but it's a brilliant story, and it's up to us
how it will turn out in the end.

Bo Lozoff


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