March 25

If your capacity to acquire has
outstripped your capacity to
enjoy, you are on your way to
the scrap-heap.

Glen Buck


Today's Meditation:

I like the word "enjoy," mostly because the word "joy" is a part of it.  Joy seems to be so hard to encounter these days, in our world of busy, busy people who are focused on getting more work done, having contact with more and more people, gathering more information, earning more money, buying more things.  It seems at times that we forget that one of our most important duties as human beings--to enjoy the gifts we've been given--has been relegated to the closet, where it's hidden away until that day arrives when we have enough money and enough things that we don't have to focus all our energy on achieving any more.

And it really is no secret:  that day won't arrive.  That is, unless we have a near-death experience or an illness that almost takes us or we lose a loved one with whom we almost never took the time to enjoy our lives and our relationship.

Being on my way to the scrap-heap is a frightening thought to me.  Just where am I going?  Is the final destination of my journey a dump somewhere?  Am I neglecting the beauty and wonder in my life so much that I'm becoming miserable, and I'll find myself one day collapsing from exhaustion instead of rising up in joy?  Will I wake up each morning exhausted and already dreading the new day, or do I look forward to the new opportunities of the day with enthusiasm and gratitude?

If we end up on a scrap-heap, worn out and useless, then we need to keep in mind that the responsibility for that is ours alone--we've put ourselves there.  We all have the chance to enjoy the great things of our lives--the company of nice people, the beauty of our surroundings, the contributions to our lives of others, the great food and drink, the ability to run and jump and write and sing and talk to little kids--and no one at all can help us to enjoy these things.  That's something that has to come from within.

Questions to consider:

What have you truly enjoyed today?

Do you enjoy simple things now more or less than you did as a child?  What do you think the difference is?

How might you go about finding more enjoyment in the everyday things of life?  What strategies might you use to remind yourself of the importance of doing so?

For further thought:

Live and work but do not forget to play,
to have fun in life and really enjoy it.

Eileen Caddy


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