May 20

Lead the life that will make you
kindly and friendly to everyone
about you, and you will be surprised
what a happy life you will lead.

Charles Schwab


Today's Meditation:

It's absolutely true that what goes around comes around; it's a fact of life that what we give to the world comes back to us.  It's also true that when we see that we're having a positive effect on the life of others, we feel more of a sense of purpose, more of a sense of gratification, more of a sense of fulfillment than when we focus solely on ourselves and our own needs.  It's nice to be kind to others, not only because it makes others feel good, but because we make ourselves feel good when we do so.

Some people call this karma, a fundamental law of cause and effect.  When we do things that hurt others, we bring hurt upon ourselves.  When we do things to uplift others and make them happy--with no thought of being paid back--we bring good things upon ourselves.  It's a law of life that we see in action each day that we live, and it's definitely within our power to make positive deposits into our karmic account, which will automatically pay back to us what we put in.

Neither Charles' words nor the law of karma promise a life without adversity or obstacles.  We will have down times, when happiness seems far away.  But those times do pass, and when we make our ways through them, we return to the happiness that we were meant to have in our lives.  Our actions of being kindly and friendly to others will have created a net that will catch us before we can fall too far, and that will remind us of the beauty of the world.

What kind acts can you do today without even thinking of payback?  What nice things can you do for other people?  Usually they don't cost any money at all, and very little time or effort, but we still neglect them.  If just today we're able to be kind to others, we could be starting a trend that will bring many good things to our lives.

Questions to consider:

What kinds of kind things might you do for others on this day?

Think of the truly happy people you know in life, and ask yourself what brings them their happiness.

Why do we so often fall into the trap of trying to make ourselves happy before helping to make others happy?

For further thought:

Fill the cup of happiness for others, and there will
be enough overflowing to fill yours to the brim.

Rose Pastor Stokes


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