November 24
  The people who are successful are those
who are grateful for everything they have.
Giving thanks for what we have always
opens the door for more to come, and
ungratefulness always closes the door.

Alan Cohen


Today's Meditation:

The power of gratitude is far-reaching.  When we feel thankfulness for the things and the people and the situations in our lives, we're acknowledging that we are, indeed, blessed, and that our blessings are very special.  Yes, there are things that do go wrong, and things that aren't so positive in our lives, but those things are bearable and survivable as long as we stay focused on the gratitude we feel for the many other things that are positive in our lives.

Many, many things have gone wrong in my life.  I say that simply as a fact--I've been through some awful times, many through no fault of my own, and many as a result of poor decisions that I've made and poor approaches that I've taken.  But through it all, there have always been many positive aspects of my life--family, friends, work, possessions, living situations, books to read, etc.  And much of the time (though definitely not always), I've been able to stay thankful for those positive things in spite of the negative ones, and that has been one of the saving graces in my life.

When we are thankful for what's in our lives, as Alan says, we are keeping a door open to allow for more of the positive things to come.  Our gratitude and our appreciation set us up to receive those positive things, and when we are ready to receive, then things finally can come to us.  If we're not ready to receive something, there's no way that it will reach us.

This is one of the most fundamental realities of our lives, one that's been taught to us for centuries by religious leaders, writers, teachers, friends and family.  And once we do start to make active gratitude an important part of our lives, we'll find that we've opened the door to much, much more for which we can be grateful.

Questions to consider:

How do you see the relationship between gratitude and success? 

Why do so many of us allow gratitude to take a back seat in our lives? 

What do you have in your life right now for which you can be grateful, but for which you haven't realized or shown that gratitude?

For further thought:

A grateful mind is a great mind which
eventually attracts to itself great things.



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