October 30
If we make our goal to live a life
of compassion and unconditional
love, then the world will indeed
become a garden where all kinds
of flowers can bloom and grow.

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross


Today's Meditation:

I think Elisabeth is talking about two different things in the same sentence:  about us making our own lives, our own worlds into gardens, and about us making other people's lives and worlds into gardens.  Both of these things, though, take love and compassion, because without those two qualities shared generously and unconditionally, life never shall be the garden that it has the potential to be, not for you and not for the people upon whose lives you have your effect.

The first thing she says, though, is that the world can become a garden "If we make our goal" to live love and compassion.  A beautiful world for us doesn't just happen--it takes effort to create it, to form it, to develop it, to push it to its extraordinary limits.  If our goal is to be loving and compassionate, then we naturally will commit loving and compassionate actions, and through those actions--as long as we expect nothing in return for them--we can make our lives extraordinary, and we can contribute extraordinary things to the lives of others.

What kind of garden do you wish your life to be?  Do you want to make your life into a lush garden with healthy flowers and plants, or do you want your garden to be dry and barren and full of weeds?  Well, just like a garden, you control the results of your life through what you put into it.  A garden that is treated with love and given all it needs to thrive shall thrive, whereas a garden that is neglected or treated wrongly or poorly shall not thrive.

The question is, what are you giving to your life?  Plenty of water and TLC, or just the bare minimum to allow it to survive, but not thrive?  If that's the case, then perhaps a shift to giving more love and compassion to yourself and others is in order.

Questions to consider:

Why is it important to share the love and compassion that's within us with others?

What can you do today to make the garden of your life flourish?

How often do you share--actively share--your compassion and unconditional love with others?

For further thought:
We're all assigned a piece of garden, a corner of the universe
that is ours to transform.  Our corner of the universe is our own
life--our relationships, our homes, our work, our current
circumstances--exactly as they are.  Every situation we find
ourselves in is an opportunity, perfectly planned by
the Holy Spirit, to teach love instead of fear.

Marianne Williamson

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