August 15     

Today's quotation:

Faith is a belief in things that your senses have not experienced and your mind does not understand, but you have touched them in other ways and have accepted them.  It is easy for one to speak of faith; it is another thing to live it.

Peace Pilgrim

Today's Meditation:

I have faith in many things, including God-- though I'm not quite sure just how I define God.  I don't think we have to know exactly what God is (and who does?) in order to have faith in him/her/it.  To me, God is the life essence that is about us all the time, the unity of all people, the love that we share with each other each day.  I don't need to define God, yet I have faith that this indefinable part of our lives is first of all good, and second of all, faithful to us.

I also have faith in other people, though that faith is tried very often.  I have faith that things usually happen for the best, even when they seem to be bad.  I think the major problem that most people have with faith is that they expect to see very clearly the things that would affirm that faith, but I gave up long ago trying to see things that would prove that my faith is justified.  It's enough to have the faith and to accept what life gives me, trusting that it's just what I need.

It's a shame that the word has been taken over by many people with somewhat extreme religious beliefs.  They say things like, "If your faith were only stronger," and they often use the term as a synonym for belief, always implying that if we just had faith in the things that they have faith in (if we believed exactly as they believe, in other words), then our lives would be joyful, indeed.  But faith must be as unique as each individual who has it, for that's how we were created-- as unique people, each of whom is designed to approach life and things like faith in our own ways.

What do you have faith in?  Is it true faith, or is it qualified?  What would you like to have faith in?  Remember that just because someone else may tell you that your faith is misplaced, that doesn't mean they're right.  Find the places where you want to put your faith, and put it there strongly.  Then your faith will serve you well.

Questions to consider:

How do you define faith?

What are some things that keep you from having strong faith in certain things?

What is the quality of your faith?

For further thought:

It is the quality of faith that counts.  It is not of so much importance what you believe as how you believe.  For faith is the peculiar elixir of youth. . . . Whoever has faith is young, no matter how old he or she is; whoever has lost faith is old, even at twenty-one.

Frank Crane

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