December 4


Today's quotation:

Hold up your head!  You were not made for failure, you were made for victory; go forward with a joyful confidence in that result sooner or later, and the sooner or later depends mainly on yourself.

Anne Gilchrist

Today's Meditation:

How many times do we read that our own attitude determines much of our success or failure in life?  And how often do we actually act on that principal, actively attempting to adjust our own attitudes to make them more positive and to give ourselves more opportunities for success in the many different areas of our lives?  How often do we "go forward in joyful confidence" rather than feeling unsure or unconfident about what the future holds for us?  In my life, it's taken me many years to change my perspective to allow for a positive attitude almost all the time, but the results have been truly amazing.

If I wish to be successful in my own endeavors, then one of the key elements of success for me is the attitude that I bring to whatever I do.  If I keep in mind always that I was made for success, then I can keep my attitude positive, and I can focus on the potential and possibility of virtually every situation rather than seeing always the limitations and improbabilities.

If I hold up my head, I'm telling the world and myself that I am a worthwhile, valuable human being who was made to do well in this world.  I am a valuable member of the human race who deserves the best there is, and I am able to work towards achieving the best there is.  My attitude helps to determine just what I pursue, and personally, I pursue things like peace of mind, peace of heart, financial well-being (not riches), and strong relations with other people.

What you pursue is up to you, but even more important than that is HOW you pursue it.  If you go forth with your head lowered, unsure of what you will achieve, then you may surprise yourself and achieve it sometimes, but this attitude reflects a mindset of limitation and improbability.  If you hold your head high and know that you are a valuable person, then your mindset of success and abundance will help you to achieve-- guess what?-- success and abundance!

Questions to consider:

What type of perspective does your attitude reflect?

How can we go about changing our attitude to make it more positive?

Do you always approach your tasks with the idea that you were made for victory?

For further thought:

Calm self-confidence is as far from conceit as the desire to earn a decent living is remote from greed.

Channing Pollock

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