role models

We must be the change we wish
to see in the world.

Mohandas Gandhi

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

James Baldwin
Morality in the general is well enough known by people, but the particular refinements of virtue are unknown by most persons; thus the majority of parents, without knowing it and without intending it, give very bad examples to their children.

Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot
Turgot Collection Pocket Edition

From the loving example of one family, a whole state may become loving; from the ambition and perseverance of one person, the whole state may be thrown into a rebellion.  Such is the nature of influence.

In no way can we so effectively hasten the dawning of the inner consciousness of another, as by showing forth the divinity within ourselves simply by the way we live.  By example and not by precept.  By living not by preaching.  By doing not professing.

Ralph Waldo Trine
Example is always better than precept.  Live an ideal life and by doing so, change the heart of others.

Papa Ramdas

The only rational way of education is to be an example--
if you can't help it, a warning example.

Albert Einstein


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The poet Muriel Rukeyser said the universe is composed of stories,
not of atoms.  The physicist Werner Heisenberg declared that the
universe is made of music, not of matter.
   And we believe that if you habitually expose yourself to toxic
stories and music, you could wind up living in the wrong universe,
where it's impossible to become the gorgeous genius
you were born to be.
   That's why we implore you to nourish yourself with delicious,
nutritious tales and tunes that inspire you to exercise your
willpower for your highest good.

Rob Brezsny


The values of the world we inhabit and the people we surround
ourselves with have a profound effect on who we are.

Malcolm Gladwell


Our lives are the books people read; by the way we live
and the words we speak we cannot stop setting an example.


Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it's the only thing.

Albert Schweitzer

They that give good advice, build with one hand; they that give good
counsel and example, build with both; but they that give good admonition
and bad example, build with one hand and pull down with the other.

Francis Bacon


When you walk with mindfulness, you set an example for
everyone who sees you, even if you don't realize it.  When
we see you walking with freedom, with peace, with joy, we
may be motivated by the desire to mirror you.  Together,
without effort, we create more of an atmosphere
of peace and happiness.

Thich Nhat Hanh
How to Walk



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Example has more followers than reason.  We unconsciously imitate
what pleases us, and insensibly approximate to the characters we
most admire.  In this way, a generous habit of thought
and of action carries with it an incalculable influence.

Christian Nestell Bovee

What I would like to give my daughter is freedom.  And this is
something that must be given by example, not by exhortation.

Erica Jong


That's all we can hope for during our lifetime--to set an
example--and when we are dead, to be an inspiration for history.

William McKinley



So long as governments set the example of killing their
enemies, private citizens will occasionally kill theirs.

Elbert Hubbard


Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity.  The lessons of the
ordinary are everywhere.  Truly profound and original insights are
to be found only in studying the exemplary.

Warren Bennis


I always try to teach by example and not force my ideas on a young musician.
One of the reasons we're here is to be a part of this process of exchange.

Dizzy Gillespie


There is transcendent power in example.  We reform others
subconsciously, when we walk upright.

Ann Swetchine

Make small commitments and keep them.  Be a light, not a judge.  Be a
model, not a critic.  Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Stephen R. Covey


I have ever deemed it more honorable and more profitable, too,
to set a good example than to follow a bad one.

Thomas Jefferson


Example is the school of humankind, and we will learn at no other.

Edmund Burke

My advice is to consult the lives of other people, as one would
a looking glass, and thence fetch examples for imitation.



Let us preach without preaching, not by words but by example,
by the catching force, the sympathetic influence of what we do.

John Newman


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role models

A rogue is not an eternal rogue.  A prostitute is not an eternal
prostitute.  Put these people in the company of saints.  They
will be newly molded and will be transformed
into saints with virtuous qualities.


Even when walking in a party of three I can always be certain of learning from
those I am with.  There will be good qualities that I can select for imitation
and bad ones that will teach me what requires correction in myself.



As I grow older, I pay less attention to what people say.
I just watch what they do.

Andrew Carnegie



This novel was written as a tribute to my mother and the town she grew up in--Crested Butte, Colorado, a mountain coal mining town.  The town of her youth bore no resemblance to the CB of today, though, and the town that I visited when I was young was filled with run-down houses and buildings.  It was a dying mining town until it was turned into a ski resort, and the town of the novel is an idea of what it might have become with a few more decades of neglect, when a trio of creatures escapes from a sealed-off mine intent on exacting revenge upon the people of the town.  They've been living in the mine and caverns for sixty years, and they're really, really angry.
A horror novel on this kind of website?  Of course, because reading can be fun, too.  It's not a gore-fest (I really do dislike those), but more a study of how people react to adversity, and how the sins of our fathers sometimes do come back to haunt us many, many years later.
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